Greetings Potential Member!

Thank you for your interest in becoming an ONYX Pearl Southeast Associate! We are honored that you want to be a part of the organization. We understand that the diversity and support of individuals like yourself help make us successful. I would like to briefly inform you of what your membership will entail and our expectations.

In brief, the ONYX Pearls Southeast (OPSE) purposes for forming:

  1. Operate as a sorority for Women of Color in the Leather Lifestyle.
  2. Provide educational and charitable endeavors.
  3. Obtain financial solvency and empowerment.
  4. Network with our Onyx brotherhood as well as forming allegiances with other similar organizations.

Associate Members will be:

  • Kept informed of all OPSE activities
  • Asked to provide assistance with educational demos and other volunteer opportunities
  • Patronage Bar nights at Atlanta Eagle: 1st Friday from 10pm-2:30am
  • Volunteer 6-8 hours per calendar year.
  • Providing service as requested for fundraiser events
  • Lend any special skills on the application that you feel may assist us
  • Keeping our purpose(s) in mind whenever you are out and representing OPSE

If you are in agreement with the information in this letter, please complete our application. You will be billed your annual membership fee of $60. Full payment must be received to be an Associate Member.

To show affiliation with OPSE, you will receive a pin that you can place on your vest to wear at OPSE events or to represent OPSE in your community. We appreciate your lending your resources of time, money and camaraderie. We know that you will be an asset to Onyx Pearls Southeast. Our goal is to achieve a mutually beneficial and long-lasting relationship!

Keeping LOVE in the Lifestyle, 

ONYX Pearls Southeast

**ONYX Code**

ONYX is an organization formed and operated by Men of Color who enjoy the leather lifestyle. ONYX sets as its goal to provide an informational and social organization to address issues specific to people of color who choose to project the positive aspects of the leather lifestyle and support our community and economic initiatives. Support, spirituality, safety and saneness are keys to attaining our goals. Toward this end, it is the principle aim of ONYX to develop in its members the highest standards of loyalty to the laws and established code of ONYX and to treat all in society with honor, unselfishness and tolerance. It is the responsibility of each member to uphold the traditions, standards and practices of this organization as well as the time honored principles of democracy on which this country was built. It is the fundamental belief of this organization that no finer means is offered for the achievement of these aims than the brotherly association of persons with similar tastes, inclinations and goals



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